Tremblant cottages for rent; seasonal and short term rentals

termes et conditions

Limitation of liability:

Immobilier de Beauvois inc.( the Company ) acts a rental manager for property owners and accepts no liability on their behalf. Immobilier de Beauvois inc. cannot be held responsible for temporary interruptions of electricity, telephone, water or cable service, hot tub / pool or any other unforeseen situation outside our control.

Please review carefully these household rules as you will be asked on the rental agreement to acknowledge and agree with the Company on these terms.

You also agree to save the Company from any claim made as a result of personal injury, sickness or death, loss or damage, however caused, to person or property or family or guests during and after the time of occupancy.

Check-in / Check-out:

We offer a personalized hosting service for each cottage we rent. An hosting agent will be appointed to you and he/she will be at the cottage on your arival and will also be there at your departure.

When you leave home for Tremblant, we ask our client to contact his/her appointed hosting agent to plan for your arrival time. This will ensure better coordination and also allows planning of various arrival groups. We offer this service from 16H00 to 20H00 for arrivals and from 10H00 to 16H00 for departures.


Included in the rental rate is one(1) exit housekeeping charge. We expect our guests to properly maintain the cottage during their stay. At your departure, we ask our guests to leave the house in an orderly condition,... dishes washed and put back in cabinets, cleaned counter top and dining table, garbages in the containers at the road, floors to be swept, empty bottles in recycling bins or brought back. Extra housekeeping charges may apply if a unit is left in an excessively messy state and will be taken off the security deposit. We can arrange for a daily or mid-week clean for any stay, subject to availabilities. You can pay directly to the maid.

Number of persons using the accomodation:

Each property has a maximum capacity of guests and a reservation is made for a specified number of guests. Prior notification of any increase in the size of your group, is required which is not to exceed the maximum set by the owner. Immobilier de Beauvois reserves the right to refuse or interrupt service to any customer, without compensation if this policy is not followed.


Pets are only permitted on the property if they are indicated on the booking application form and approved by Owner. Most of the cottages have no pets authorization, however we indicate those unit allowing pets on our website. In either case, we ask our guests to indicate on the booking form if they or one of the member of their group intend to bring pets. This will eliminate to possibility of your group being submitted to unwanted surprises of being charged a penalty fee or be evicted with no compensation. The company takes no responsibility for conditions arising from allergies at any cottage, whether noted as NO PETS or not.


All cottages are non smoking. Possible penalty of 100 $ + cleaning fees. Smoking outside is permitted, however we ask your collaboration to control where you dispose your tops. Use containers outside.


To ensure proper sanitary conditions, we ask each user to take a shower before entering into a Hot-Tub,and not use body cream and/or oily products. These creamy products have a tendancy to plug the filtration system and creates unwanted water deposits. Also an intensive usage of Hot Tub tend to change drastically the quality of water and makes the water dark and cloudy If we see these 2 conditions at the check-out inspection we will be in the obligation to empty the tub and cleaned all systems. A charge of $100 will be deducted from security deposit.

Exterior Noise policy:

Please respect the tranquility of your surroundings. In order to preserve the peace and serenity of this area,we ask your thoughtful consideration, specifically between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 10:00 a.m. This is particularly important when you are entertaining outdoors as our neighbours are close by and sound travels easily through the woods and lakes. If noise complaints are lodged against you, you may be evicted and you may also lose your security deposit.

Outdoors Fires:

As per the Municipality regulations, outdoors fires have to be confined in a secure fire pit locations. Make sure all fires are kept small and are in the established fireplace.


Fireworks cause forest fires. The lighting of Fireworks are absolutely FORBIDDEN at any cottage listed trough our services. Any renter caught lighting fireworks will be immediately evicted

Sceptic System:

The sceptic system is a very sensitive and integral part of cottage life. The basic rule is do not put anything down the toilet other than natural waste and toilet paper ( ... and be conservative with the paper !! ). No paper towells, Kleenex, tampons, pads, matches, hair, grease, strong chemicals, etc... These are guaranteed to back up the system and believe me, you do not want that to happen.

If the power goes out for a period of time, do not flush the toilet more than once, fill the tank with water from the lake or in house containers.

The sceptic bed can be easily damaged by excessive weight. Do not drive over or park any vehicules in this area. Sceptic systems have a maximum capacity with regards to use. Please observe the maximum number of persons determined for each cottage.

Cottage Water Source:

Many cottage properties use the lake as a water source. The water may be safe to drink but most owner's filter or boil their water or bring in drinking water from an outside source. Bottled water is available at any of the local stores.

Cottage dock and lake water level:

Many cottages have their own dock on the lake for their personal use. These docks are not intended to fit all size of boats consequently neither Immobilier de Beauvois inc nor the owner of each cottage we manage can be held responsible on the capacity of these docks to fit a or any size of boats. Nor can we be held responsible for the lake water level affecting access of cottage or having an impact on boat damage. Bringing your boat is at your own risk.

Visit of non desired forestry animals in our cottages. Basic rules apply:

Our cottages in a forestry environment are susceptible to be visited by non desired animals living at close proximity. Urban guests often times do not realize that some basic precautions need to be observed. We cannot be held reponsible of animal visits into our cottages. Basic conduct rules apply: